colour laser in action at winters barns

A brand new addition to DJ Phil Websters light show was in action on Friday at Winters Barns in Canterbury, the stunning new Laserworld ES 400 is an incredible new colour laser with a huge sequence of effects. We shot the video during the sound checks in the build up to Anna & Tom’s first dance, there are also a few photos at the end of the video showing guests enjoying the laser during live performance.¬†Phil said, “It’s the best laser I have used since I started DJ’ing without any shadow of a doubt and has added another dimension to an already impressive light show”.

Also seen in this video is our new XPRS Liteconsole DJ Booth surrounded by the stunning Global Truss Archway. Phil added, “for this set up we uplit the arch and backdrop with a contrasting colour to the booth, there was quite a lot of Jive & Rock n’Roll on the playlist so we went for a 50s American type of look. I also used 4 moving heads which are on the floor and 2 martin scanners on the arch (not used on this video)”

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