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Award Winning DJ Secrets

CHOICE DJ is a Multi Award Winning Wedding Disco and DJ company supplying services Across London, Kent and the South East of England  We also cover the surrounding areas including Surrey and West Sussex! We are now sharing our Wedding Disco Secrets to make your party one to remember for the right reasons .










So Here we are, we have made it to 2020! If you’er  reading our blog then the likely hood is that you are getting married in the near future and starting to look for ideas for your special day and getting in touch  with the various wedding suppliers. Now when it comes to musical entertainemnt the first question you will be asking is DJ or Band ? 

We at Choice DJ  have provided services for hundreds of weddings across the London and the South East of England ranging from intimate family gatherings keeping it low key,  all the way to the full blown affair with all its bells and whistles! Each Wedding, while structurally similar, are all completely different and unique to each couple and their guests … Only at a Wedding would you normally have such a diverse range of ages and from various backgrounds, brought together in celebration of the ones they love.

The reason I mention this,  is that out of the hundreds of weddings that I have done, while each unique in their own way, Patterns emerge  which have yielded some interesting information that we use to make sure your party is rocking from start to finish!!

I also wanted to write this blog to help anyone planning their wedding and wanted to get the inside scoop of what to look out for at a possible wedding venues or when best to do cake cutting and first dance…. All these things should be taken into account by your DJ so he or she is able to be hitting the right notes at the right time keeping you and your guests having an awesome time.

For our DJs, knowledge is power!! By providing you with our  Online Event Planning account, this enables you to plan all the music that you would like to hear as well as the music you don’t. This gives us a good idea of your musical tastes and the information we need to build our setlist around the tastes of you and your guests. Additionally this gives both the wedding couple and supplier piece of mind that everyone is on the same page.

Our Wedding Disco Packages are designed to give you the freedom and control to create the wedding package of your dreams. 

Looking for an amazing First Dance effect ? …check out our “heart shaped” Confetti Cannons and Dry Ice, both ensure stunning First Dance photos. 

The Online Event planning tool also logs all payment history and email exchanges. A countdown clock is also provided, a bit of fun to keep you excited during the build up. A contract is provided with every booking.

Below is a breakdown of the various wedding Disco secrets to help you make the right choice on your special day.



Here are some helpful tips based on what we have found over the years. Naturally your dance floor will have peaks and troughs when guests will be dancing throughout the evening and this is due to external factors other than the music . Things like Table clearing for evening festivities, Evening guest arrivals and Buffet Timings to name a few can have an impact on the atmosphere of the party and dance floor in general.  Your DJ Should also keep these timings in mind when building your setlist as there is no point in playing everyones favourite song at the beginning of the party straight after first dance as there is normally a rush to the bar after the first few songs while people get into the mood for the evening party. The same can be said for later on in the evening just before the buffet is brought out as again, at this point guests will normally head for some food and drink before hitting the dance floor again . The key is not to fight the flow of the night but rather go with the vibe and play music according to the time of the night . Now this doesn’t mean slowing down the party but simply shifting the cadence of music to meet the vibe at the time then capture the crowd again and pick up the pace again!!


Bar Location

Something whichIi feel can often be overlooked when choosing a venue is where the Bar will be located in relation to the dance floor in the evening ….. This in my opinion can often make or break an event as if the bar is located in a separate room away from the dance floor , you will find that people will naturally congregate around the bar area socialising which is part of the fun of the evening and is the perfect zone for people to chat and have a catchup while grabbing a drink. The problem comes is if the dance floor is too far from the bar area , guests are less inclined to go back to the dance floor if they have been away from the music for a prolonged period and especially if they find more people in the bar area then the dance floor . This can quickly become a slippery slope and your DJ will have to work extremely hard to move the party away from the bar and back to the dance floor. This is never an issue as long as the Bar is located in the same room as the dance area ……

First Dance & Cake Cutting

So the meal is finished and tables are being cleared , Guests are now milling about and chatting and the music volume is beginning to increase …. The party is about to kick off But there is still the Fist Dance and Cake cutting to go before everyone can let loose on the dance floor. Now in the past couples would do their first dance (sometimes followed by father daughter dance) and then allowing the disco to start with the cake cutting happening a little later (This is sometimes reversed) This in my opinion can negatively impact your dance floor ! If you think of your party like a locomotive train !! to get the train moving takes a little time and effort to get the wheels turning and train chugging along until it reaches its cruising speed. Your dance floor works in a similar way so if you stop the music periodically , just like the train , it will take large amounts of energy to get your dance floor going again. what I have seen works best is to have the cake cutting followed seamlessly into the first dance . This works on a number of levels. Firstly as previously mentioned it ensures that once the dancing has started you are not slowing down the vibe later on and secondly it ensures that all guests are captivated by what is happening in that moment rather then trying to heard a hundred people together once the party is in full swing . It also means the photographer will get better snaps of cake cutting and first dance with everyone involved.


Additional hints

Remember that these are just hints and tips based on previous events and can help give you an idea of what to expect. Part of my job is to be ready for any and all eventuality so you don’t have to take this as gospel or set in stone but rather as a guideline to be aware of what you can expect. Lastly I would just say that this is your day and I find that couples that spend their energy trying to make everyone happy end up stressing themselves out , taking away from what is meant to be one of the most imprtant events in a couples life . in my opinion this is the one time where you can be selfish …. Focus on what you want and what is going to make you happy and don’t compromise!  Its your day and no matter what your plans or what you decide, your friends and family are there for you and not the other way around. So when things start stressing you out , take a deep breath and remind yourself this is your day xxx

Multi Award Winning

CHOICE DJ was voted Wedding DJ of the Year in Kent, England for 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2020 finalists.

“CHOICE DJ Rocked My Wedding”

We were excited to hear this week that our hard work was rewarded at the wedding of Katy & Chris.

The couples wedding at The George in Rye was recently featured in the UKs number 1 wedding magazine Rock My Wedding.


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