Less than two months ago CHOICE DJ was voted DJ of the Year for 2015. The judging panel included wedding industry experts such as John Lewis who stated in their review of us that one of the reasons we got their vote was because of our unique First Dance Cam Upgrade (launched in summer 2015).

At Jo & Peter’s recent wedding at Brands Hatch Place, the cam was in action for the final time in 2015 …we think the following footage shows perfectly why this upgrade adds such huge value to your wedding memorabilia.

Brands Hatch Place DJ


First Dance Cam is an upgrade that can be added to any of our packages. We clamp a tiny camera that films in 4k HD on the front of the booth or in a unique location around the room to capture your First Dance …if you choose to go for Option 2 then you will also get additional evening footage such as seen in the clip above.

If you have any further questions about First Dance Cam or need further information about our Brands Hatch Place DJ service please contact us and we will get straight back to you.