Hello everyone and welcome to the new Choice Entertainment website, if you are a returning visitor then welcome back and I hope you approve of the changes that have been made.

This site is inspired and dedicated to all the great people that I have got to meet in the entertainment industry over the years … it sounds like a cliche but because I have built Choice Entertainment around my own style offering a very personal service, my clients buy into that vision and I end up feeling more like a friend for the evening rather than just any old supplier. There’s a massive benefit to that for the client as well as myself …and that’s going to work knowing you really want to impress week after week, because its my business and I cant afford to ever take things for granted, i’m a perfectionist and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

The public have helped me build this business over the years, over that period of time there are some great stories and memories. I will be doing some future blog posts on “life of a dj” and “memorable guests” because its the great weddings, parties and people that really make being a DJ worthwhile. It’s so different having a job in entertainment …the late nights, being in an alcohol fuelled enviroment, you see some crazy stuff ! Sometimes you may do three or four nights in a row during the wedding season which is tough because of the late nights, but I guarantee you in four days time when the weekend comes back round again that’s enough time to recover and your ready to go to work again to start memory building. I cant imagine doing anything else, I love music and the challenge each week !

Sometimes people and moments become memorable after the event, very much a case of “it wasnt funny at the time but I can laugh about it now” ! For example – you could be playing a 40th birthday in a marquee in someones back garden in the middle of a country lane, your getting terrorised on the night by an intoxicated female trying to get on the decks …but its only afterwards when it’s all over and you look back at the photos that you realise it was in fact times like this that form the memories of a DJ and make the job fun, although maybe a bit scary at the time 🙂  Not to mention the one or two occasions iv been trapped at venues after getting snowed in or breaking down in dreadful weather conditions that ended up costing me more than iv earn’t on the night itself …sometimes you have to take the good with the bad like any job but these things do stick in the mind as stories id tell the kids one day and have a laugh about with mates. Actually one of the great things about running a disco photography service alongside the dj, sound and lighting is the fact that most of this stuff is documented on camera, which other than being great for showing what we do every week it’s great for clients to have those memories and never forget the great nights.

As time goes by im going to build up the blog side of the site by sharing some of these stories so keep coming back and subscribe to the site because you can be sure amusing memories and stories will unfold here …in the meantime I hope you enjoy looking through the new site and if you have any feedback be sure to let me know