New 6 Part TV Series

Just before Christmas we received a phone call asking us to provide our services for a big engagement party scheduled to take place in Essex on January 6th 2018.

The engagement party was to be filmed by 7 Wonder as part of a six part tv series based on couples who have experienced issues in their relationship as a result of family acceptance.

At this stage we can’t reveal the name of the show or anything about the couple as recording is still ongoing by 7 Wonder, however we have put together a film from our experience working with the crew on the day which we will be pleased to post online once the show has been officially announced by Channel 4.


Services Provided

We were called directly by the stars of the show who were organising the event at very short notice.

The couple had and identified CHOICE DJ as their preferred supplier and on the day we provided our Total Music Package with Dry Ice and Confetti Cannon upgrade.

Venue Pivotal To Couple

Due to the location of the venue, this particular event involved a lot of red tape before we got the go ahead.

The couple had chosen the venue as it was a pivotal area for their story, so before anything was done we had to provide copies of our PLI, PAT, Risk Assessment and Method Statement.