With five weddings on over the weekend, the football underway, the US open, England v Sri Lanka in the cricket and temperatures set to continue in the mid – late 20s in the south …its going to be a World Cup Wedding weekend to remember for newlyweds and wedding guests all over the country.

I’m guessing there are a few brides over the UK cursing their luck at having chosen this Saturday to stage their wedding with England kicking off against Italy in Manaus at 10.30pm (prime dance floor time), however I’ve worked at weddings before where newlyweds have actually installed Tv’s around the dance floor to ensure that everyone gets the best of everything. Having said that I’ve also worked on nights when theres been a complete ban on even mentioning the word football.

Whatever happens its sure to be a weekend to remember, even if you are a non football lover it can only be a good thing that people will always look back and remember where they were at the time. The big weekend concludes in Camber Sands on Sunday, where there could be a few sore heads from the night before !

Brazil kicked off the competition last night in Sau Paulo with a 3-1 victory against Croatia. After an early set back goals from Neymar (2) and Oscar saw the favourites come from behind to win, however the night was also marred by violence as protests turned to violence as a result of FIFAs presence in the poverty stricken areas Brazil.

If you have a great World Cup story from your wedding please drop us a comment below.

June 14 is also my much missed late Grans birthday so I’d like to also take this opportunity to remember her in this post, bring us some luck please this weekend.

…fingers crossed 4g works on location this Saturday night !