haze in use at a marquee wedding

In a new addition to the Choice Entertainment light show, DJ Phil Webster will now be using fragranced haze at all forthcoming gigs (providing there isn’t a ban on haze at the venue of course). Fragrances available are Tropical, Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla and Coconut.

Phil said, “There’s a new line of scented products now that you can add to your juice, so not only does the haze set off an impressive light show but it also smells great. Haze is such an important aspect of creating the atmosphere, unfortunately a lot of hotels and venues are equipped with smoke detectors that can’t be isolated so we don’t get to use it enough unless we are in an older venue or a marquee, but haze is a lot finer than the original dense smoke so it gives you more of a fighting chance as modern machines are able to control the volume, duration and frequency of the output”.

Now haze can smell as good as it looks, if you would like us to use a particular fragrance at your special event just let us know. Our personal favourite is mint !