Just a short post to make all wedding suppliers about a company based in London called Atlantic Media, they sell advertising space in magazines owned by Conde Naste.

We were approached by them in December 2012 with a view to taking out an advert in one of Conde Nastes wedding publications, which all sounded great in principle however what wasn’t highlighted during the initial point of contact was that our advert was to be placed on a freebie throwaway dvd that comes with the magazine and not in the magazine itself.

Once we discovered this we decided to pull out however we overlooked the cut off date which has since resulted in Atlantic Media taking the matter to the small claims court and left us with a bill in excess of the original deal with Atlantic Media plus court costs. I am also aware of at least five other suppliers (two of which are close friends) who I know well that have been caught out and wanted to cancel their advert and have been left paying Atlantic Media on an instalment basis.

As far as the advert goes, I was told by one of Atlantic Medias contacts Parry Cockwell, that we did in fact feature on the magazine, however we did not receive  a single enquiry from this source which fully justifies our decision to pull out in the first place.

This article is written without prejudice as we should of read the small print and noted the cut off date for cancelling so technically it was our fault for overlooking this, but hopefully if you are a supplier reading this then it will make you aware of exactly how Atlantic Media’s advertising works so you can make an informed decision before agreeing to anything.