southend barn

A great few days of summer wedding’s concluded last night on my birthday with our longest trip of the weekend down to Kristie & Aaron’s wedding at Southend Barn near Chichester, West Sussex.

On a weekend that also saw Mike & Diana (Fennes Estate), Elise & Adrian (Chesfield Downs) and Jane & Andrew (Hylands House) tie the knot, the weather saved it’s most potent for last night. After a grueling 4 hour journey in a non air conditioned vehicle riddled with delays on the m25 we set up and played in the Chichester barn in absolutely stifling conditions. Earlier in the day at around 1pm some of the 140 guests and staff reported being soaked to the bone in the barn, even with all glass doors open we literally didn’t experience any air movement until the van was moving again at 1am …the memory of that experience will live in the memory for a long time to come.

The weekend saw us set up in three different ways at three very different venues …wedding reviews with photos and videos of the evenings and set ups to follow shortly.