After arriving home at 4am from Sarah & Warrens wedding at Holland-on-Sea in Clacton, Essex we were back out on the road again at 2pm for Kaja & Grahams wedding reception at Rhinefield House, a mere 260mile round trip down to the New Forest in Hampshire for an electrifying evening of House and R&B.

Despite 500 miles and a lot of hours on the road over the weekend I was really looking forward to this one as the newleyweds and a large contingent of the guests work on the cruise ships off Mallorca, hard work and long hours …but this was their weekend off the leash !

With guests in very high spirits upon my arrival it was clear that everyone was up for a party, it proved to be exactly the case with non stop fun, dancing and a fab atmosphere straight from the moment I welcomed the new Mr & Mrs Lloyd onto the dance floor for their first dance.

With Electro House, Dubstep and R&B high on the brides music priority list we were pretty much into it straight away and it didn’t stop until the groom removed the brides garter with his teeth just before the last song at midnight, introduced by guest Bianca who had spent the entire evening in very animated mode 🙂

It was a night that could of gone on for hours more, having said that by the time I had loaded up the after party was already in full flow downstairs in another part of the hotel thanks to venue exclusivity. Not much sleep for everyone that night I’m guessing, and too right …who wants to stop partying at midnight when your buzzin’ like that ?

So the perfect way to end the weekend and more than enough adreneline to keep me awake for the journey back. Btw an hour into the journey back tiredness was kicking in so I gave Relentless Energy Drink a go and pleased to report it definately works !!

Fantastic wedding and a fab crowd, congrats to Kaja & Graham for the honeymoon period and for the road (or sea) ahead !