Guests will now be able to make requests during our events on the night by tweeting us at #choicedj

Lead DJ and business owner Phil Webster says, “We like to move with the times and incorporate the latest technology in what we do, what better way to maximise the use of Twitter.

Of course we still want guests to come up to us as thats all part of the job, but if we hit a particularly hectic stage then it would be great for people to use the hashtag to send us their requests which is great because they will be on our tweet deck which is nice and organised, partygoers will also be able to see what’s being requested so they can make relevant requests or start sending their favourite tunes ready for later in the evening when the genre changes”

The idea came to mind after Saturdays party at The London Golf Club in Kent, Phil adds, “I was getting an unprecedented amount of requests and its easy to forget one or two when you’ve got twenty people asking for music. What’s also great about this is that by using the hashtag to rave about the party or upload photos, it keeps people talking about what a great time they had”

Please note, at a wedding the music is more likely to be tailored to the Bride & Groom, requests will need to be screened more closely to ensure they fit with the selected music tastes.