Giselle & Marc booked our Uplighting Package & First Dance Cam for their wedding at Preston Court in Kent on 14 July 2016.

Preston Court First Dance Cam


On the day we provided our Uplighting package, colour theming the barn in gold. The room turnaround took place around 7pm so we were ready for the First Dance at 8pm, Giselle and Marc had booked an extension with the venue to take them through till 12pm, standard finish time at Preston Court is usually 11pm.

Access is great as you can drive right up to the barn, once inside there is a nice sized staged area for DJs and Bands. At each end end of the barn are two stunning fairground organs and the theme is continued outside with an amazing carousel which Giselle & Marc included as part of their package with the venue …theres nothing quite like it in Kent and a fantastic addition for the guests on a warm summers evening.

There is no dance floor installed, however the rustic stone floor works very well in the barn, if you wanted to add a Chequered or Starlit Dance Floor we can provide this, I would recommend 16×16 being the ideal size.

We also used a Confetti Cannon for the first dance which can be seen at 1:25 in the video, if you are considering this upgrade for Preston Court (or any other venue) please check first with the venue that confetti is allowed.

Our Photo Booth would also be a great option for Preston Court due to the large amount of space available.


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Package: Uplighting Package
Upgrades: First Dance Cam



Giselle & Marc used our Online Event Planner to plan everything for their wedding.



If you have any further questions about DJ, Sound & Lighting for your wedding or special event please contact us for further information. Please note that there is no fuel surcharge for this venue.