The CHOICE Dj Photo Booth has undergone a new interesting change …and is now fully green screen enabled.

Green screen is a great piece of technology for Photo Booth’s which basically means you can have any background to your photograph, this is done by attaching a special piece of material behind the guests whilst the photo is being taken.

At Buxted Park Hotel recently for Libby & Frazer’s wedding we supplied a selection of funky disco backdrops …guests enter the booth, interact with the touchscreen and are given a choice of 6 different backgrounds.

If you are booking our Green Screen option just let us know if there are any specific backgrounds you would like and we will organise this for you. Don’t forget that you can also choose from our wide range of templates to personalise your Photo Booth experience, examples of which can be seen on our Photo Booth page.

If you have any further questions about our Photo Booth upgrade or Green Screen option please contact us for further details.

Standard Photo Booth Background

Green Screen Enabled Background