Nurstead Court in Meopham is one of our most local venues and on a lovely spring day we were down at the venue early afternoon to set up for Tess & Justin’s big day.

For this wedding we were providing a set up before the meal with blue uplighters, swing jazz background music before the disco through till midnight. On my previous visits to Nurstead Court the disco has always been in the corner but Tess had organised it with the venue for the set up to be in a central position which does work a lot better as it gives a nice symetrical feel to the marquee.

The marquee at Nurstead Court does work very well indeed, the bar is built into the other end of the tent along with the service are, plus there is a nice outside area with views across the countryside giving it an idyllic setting. Tess & Justin married in the church just across the road from the venue at around 2pm before the guests came back to use the house for the drinks reception with the guests moving through to the marquee for afternoon tea at around 4 o clock.

For DJ’s visiting the venue the access isn’t too bad, you can pull up to the marquee service entrance then walk the equipment through down to the other end of the marquee, there is no sound limiter, no restriction on haze, a white dancefloor makes the dancing area quite bright during the evening so if you are considering hiring a dance floor and would like to keep the marquee as dark as possible for the disco then maybe go for the black option.

Tess and Justin whizzed off on their honeymoon to the US just a few days after the wedding so before I said my goodbyes I had an opportunity at the end of the night to talk about all the fantastic places I visited when I did my own 3 weeks in Miami in January. The couple were considering driving down through Florida and it sounded like the items high on Tess’s agenda were visiting a drive-in movie and the shopping so i suggested Fort Lauderdale and Bayside as well as other numerous places, it will be interesting to hear from them once they get back how they got on.

If you were at the wedding how about leaving us a comment at the bottom of the page and tell us about your experience at Tess & Justin’s special day, all the very best to the newlyweds from CHOICE Dj for a very happy future together and hope your having a fantastic honeymoon in America spending plenty of money !!