Last week we took delivery of our latest bit of kit, the XPRS Liteconsole Pro DJ booth which is based on the double sized version originally designed for Paul Oakenfold, its considered to be the very best Mobile DJ booth on the market in the world at this time. DJ Phil Webster says, “I’ve always strived to raise the bar and set myself apart from the rest, this bit of kit is the final piece of the jigsaw. Its something I have had my eye on to complete the whole look since I got the overhead arch frame which is a bit of a statement in itself. Now its gone a step further …your equipment reflects your passion for your work, this is the THE ultimate set up possible for a mobile DJ.

double size version originally designed for dj paul oakenfold

I’ve been using a really good booth for the past few years which was surrounded by lycra panels and backlit, but this blows even that out of the water. The aluminium framework also houses perspex front and side panels making the booth look stunning when adding some subtle coloured lighting, this of course could be colour coded for wedding purposes. There’s two excellently designed shelves giving a really nice working space at a nice height for your mixer and latop, plus all the back up devices at DJ should carry. Paul Oakenfolds original double sized booth featured two 50″ screens, this booth gives the option to house one 50″ screen for visual loops or photo projection if required by the client.

Two additional great things about this booth are that thanks to the perspex, nicely designed graphics look very classy rather than some of those tacky flashing advertising banners that you sometimes see …plus it all packs down incredibly quickly thanks to the concertina frame. It’s a highly professional booth and I feel really proud to know I will be providing my clients with the very best kit available. At the end of next week I get to set up the arch and the booth at a venue with a stage, I cant wait, its going to look spectacular”.

Below are just a few photos of the new booth on it’s own which was road tested on Friday at a local private event. Check back for photos to see the booth and arch in action at Ann & Toms wedding next week at a top class wedding venue, we will be taking various different shots using different backlit colours.

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