The wedding of Laura and Simon saw our first ever visit to Mount Ephraim Gardens in Faversham.

The disco sets up in the hallway which is something a bit different and always works really well. The booth we use is very versatile and unobtrusive so it ties in very well indeed with the surroundings and the simple but clever use of uplighting can make a huge difference and ties together the transition from day to night very nicely.

This is definately one of those venues where the DJ booth and look is extremely important. Its a hallway so there is no real opportunity to create anything that looks too symetrical, so its very important that what is installed does not become an eyesore. We have several potential set ups but decided for this venue to go minimalistic with plinths, overhead lighting would of been too much …setting up in the hallway at Mount Ephraim Gardens is very much a case of less being more.

Its also important not to overdo it with the sound system, we left the bass speakers out of the equasion for this as a simple pre set up test told me that the acoustics for bass would have been too overpowering. There’s nothing worse than an unbalance sound system, every venue is difference and as a DJ you need to understand and adapt to those situations as acoustics are very different when you go to so many different venues.

One particularly great touch I thought was in the hallway on the table there was a vintage typewriter. This was for all the guests to leave their own personal message then envelope it up for the bride and groom. After a lively night of dancing and drinking particularly in the last hour and a half there were quite a few guests swarming over it. I can image Laura & Simon must of been quite amused reading some of them following the wedding day. What was also quite funny was that it was obvious the ones who don’t usually use a keyboard in their day to day jobs, one letter per 10 seconds typing 😀

All in all an excellent venue in the heart of Kent and huge congratulations to Laura and Simon. If you are getting married at Mount Ephraim Gardens and have any further questions or enquiries regarding any of our packages for your wedding feel free to get in touch and I will be pleased to go over anything with you.

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