We are extremely pleased to announce that after 5 years of hard work and re-investment from hundreds of weddings that the Choice Entertainment set up is now complete thanks to the arrival of the number 1 industry standard mixing system used worldwide by all the leading DJ’s, the CDJ 2000 and DJM 900 Nexus Mixing System.

“I’m really excited now to be using CDJ’s which are industry standard decks for digital DJ’s throughout the world. The system is used in conjunction with Pioneers new Rekordbox software which is brilliant for organising all your music in one place and preparing playlists in advance of gigs by pre programming loops and cue points which are then saved into the memory and ready to use once transferred to the mixer. With the cue points and loops already prepared it gives you additional time to search through your collection for that perfect track as well as adding colour effects to the music that’s playing rather than spending the time setting up the mix itself which you have already done during your preparation”.

“If your a DJ and already used to Pioneer mixers then some of the technology and layout will be familiar but I would recommend spending a week or so practicing and learning about all the features built into the CDJ’s and all the effects on board the DJM 900 mixer. There’s a lot of technology on board this system so its a lot to take in at first but your prep will be ¬†rewarded with some great mixes especially if you take advantage of Pioneers new quantise feature.

Here’s a few pics of the mixer on it’s first outing last Saturday at Rachel & Michael’s wedding at Redenham in Hampshire.

One thing I would highly recommend if you are planning to use this system connected to a laptop is to ensure your wireless is turned off and to use ethernet cables into a Netgear ProSafe Ethernet Switch which are currently ¬£29.99 at PC World (Netgear is recommended by Pioneer) …and not into a wireless router as during testing with a router we managed to send the decks into an emergency loop as a result of connection loss between the CDJ and the laptop/rekordbox software, this is not a situation you want to find yourself in during a gig and it appears to be triggered by wireless activity which could be substantial in an environment with a lot of people, turning off your wireless is essential to avoid the chance of that happening. I tested the Netgear switch for 15 hours continuous hours playback in the studio with wireless off and didn’t suffer any issues at all. Also always ensure you have a hard drive or USB stick plugged into your CDJ with all your music quantised from Rekordbox, this works as a back up as well as giving you the facility to search more than one source.

Other handy features are the slip mode and the high quality full colour CDJ display screen which includes all your artwork, a fantastic wave form which you can zoom in on for extra precison and the tag list on the CDJ is really handy for continuous playback which is great for background music.