Clandon Park is an impressive Palladian Mansion just an hours drive from London on the borders of the Surrey hills, it’s a venue we have been to several times previously.

clandon park vaulted undercroft uplightingWith the wedding taking place in the vaulted undercroft, Zoe & Richard had opted for our Uplighting Package. This includes 10 colour themed uplighters, for this wedding they were set to white throughout the meal then pink and blue throughout the evening, they really do make a huge difference to this unique environment. We also usually install a water effect light here which also gives a classy feel to this room.

On the previous occasions I have been to Clandon Park its not been possible to set up the equipment before the meal due to the space issues in the room, however the equipment can be stored early in the day in the larder which joins onto the undercroft. This is situated behind a curtain which is used as the backdrop for the cake throughout the wedding breakfast.

This works quite well as the kit is stored before the meal, it then only takes around 45 mins to set up, so the disco is usually underway by 8pm if everything runs to time. I think if your really keen to have everything set up beforehand and take advantage of the background music during the meal then there is a corner on the left hand side that is usually quite vacant but this would depend on your guest numbers and it would have to be cleared by the venue first.

Please note if you were booking a starlit or chequered dance floor with us for this room you would really only need a 12×12 as the dancing space in the middle is quite a small area. What I have always loved about this venue are the acoustics, the uplighting can also add a real clubby feel to it, which is great because whatever music you are choosing you want the environment to to be vibrant and exciting for the evening party.

clandon park vaulted undercroftWith timings running a bit behind throughout the day the room wasn’t vacated following the speeches till 845, but once we had got in and done our thing we were underway by 920.

It proved to be a fairly short night in comparison to the majority of weddings as the finish time for music at Clandon Park is 1130pm, however 2 hour events are always great because everyone is more than ready to party with a later start so there really is a high impact feel throughout and the evening finished with an impromptu arch by guests from the dance floor back out to the hallway.

Congratulations to Zoe & Richard and all the best for the future together, if you are getting married at Clandon Park and have any further questions or enquiries regarding any of our packages for your wedding feel free to get in touch and I will be pleased to go over anything with you.


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