From time to time we fall on a unique job, you may remember back in May we went over to the Isle of Wight for a stunning job at The Royal Solent Yacht Club looking out onto the Solent in Yarmouth …this Saturday has all the potential to top that !

whitstable beach wedding

This weekend we are DJ’ing from a Cabana type cabin at The Beacon House with direct access to Whitstable beach looking out over the English Channel for Susan and Rob’s wedding.

The playlist is an old skool house / dance club / funky house / trance set with no guest requests, there is a total ‘cheese’ ban.

With temperatures forecast to be 28 degrees …the location …and the music genres its got all the makings for another “Fatboy Slim Brighton Beach” style gig, for the 50 guests it promises to be a night to remember.


We are due to arrive at the venue at around 5:30pm to set up, this will include additional bass to take care of it being an outside location. There will be a build up period of two 2 hours leading up to the first dance with some ‘Yacht Rock” background music being provided by Susan and Rob.

We’ve been building the playlist today ready for the event in 48 hours time which also includes a sunset song, the Beatless Mix of ‘Smokebelch II by The Sabres of Paradise when guests are scheduled to light sparklers, we then kicking on from there into the early hours of the morning with some huge club tunes from the 90s onwards.

Heres some screenshots from the scheduled playlist


The video and cameras will be out in force and we hope to bring you all the memories from this occasion next week.