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    Thinking of bringing a whole new dimension to your special event ?

    Feel the vibe and bring the wow factor to your wedding reception …your guests will be amazed as SMASH IT LIVE integrates live percussion into the DJ set.

    Included in this package is a set up before the meal, the option for background music and a microphone for your speeches, DJ, Sound & Lighting from 730-12 with Drop In Drop Out Percussion and Bongo sessions.

    Whats great about SMASH IT LIVE is that none of your guests will of seen anything like it before … …SMASH IT LIVE is award winning, unique and vibrant.

    SMASH IT LIVE is ideal for Weddings, Birthdays and Corporate Events. Our drummers are professional performers and have also worked on dance anthems, chart songs and even tv adverts

    Book our Award Winning package today …


    OPTION 1 – DJ & 1 PERCUSSIONIST £1,195




     Whats Included ?

    • Access To Online Event Planner
    • Set Up Before The Meal
    • Background Music & Microphone For Speeches Option
    • Disco Playing Time 1930-0000
    • Professional DJ, Booth & Lighting Set Up
    • Percussion Drop In / Drop Out Throughout The Night
    • Playlists Accepted





    First Dance Cam
    Civil Ceremony Production
    Dance Floors
    Party Photography
    LED LOVE Letters
    Photo Booth
    – White DJ Booth



    One Comment

    • *Laura*

      A big thank you to Choice DJ for making our wedding day at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich unforgettable. We found the online booking system really simple and easy to use and for the questions we had prior to booking and prior to the day Phil was really quick and professional in his replies. We booked the Smash It live percussion upgrade and that was absolutely fantastic, highly recommend it. A great way to entertain guests with live performance without being limited to only one genre of music, very unique. The package allowed us to uplight our venue and have microphones for speeches which was just what we needed. The first dance cam was also great as we didn’t know it was there and allowed us to watch back and enjoy the moment again after. I was initially nervous about booking a DJ and percussionist Id never seen live or met in person but they were super professional and one less thing to worry about on the day. Easy to see why the awards are rolling in!

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      • December 17, 2015, 9:42 am

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